Sincere Care Agency

Mission Statement

Sincere Care Agency Inc. is dedicated to providing training and safe care at home for people who suffer from illness or injury who might otherwise be placed in the hospital or nursing home. Keeping people who need support in the home and out of institutions for physically or mentally disabled. Allowing families to remain intact, maintaining involvement with family, neighborhood and community and encourage independence, dignity and comfort at home.

Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP)

This is a New York State Medicaid Program which provides services to chronically ill or physically disabled individuals who have a medical need for help with activities of daily living (ADLs) or skilled nursing services. Services can include any of the services provided by a personal care aide (home attendant), home health aide, or nurse. Recipients have flexibility and freedom in choosing their caregivers. The consumer or the person acting on the consumer's behalf (such as the parent of a disabled or chronically ill child) assumes full responsibility for hiring, training, supervising, and – if need be – terminating the employment of persons providing the services.

We work as a Fiscal Intermediary which means that once you are approved for the CDPAP program you can utilize our services to be the provider of wages and benefit processing for your Personal Assistant. You will be responsible for the hiring and supervising of your Personal Assistant. This is a great way to have someone to take care of you that you feel comfortable with and who is your choice.

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